Maighstir Ailein à Eirisgeigh agus 'òrain na Nollaige

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Aiste inntinneach air Father Allan MacDonald of Eriskay, anns a' Bheurla:

EACH Christmas the Roman Catholic congregation in Eriskay rises from its pews to sing a special selection of seasonal hymns in their native Gaelic tongue.

Midnight Mass and Christmas Day services take on a new meaning in this Outer Hebridean parish because the festive hymns were written by Father Allan McDonald, the man they credit with saving their community.

Poet, priest and man of the people, Fr Allan was the founder of the parish of St Michael's. In this the centenary year of his death, the affection and reverence in which the humble priest is held has not diminished.

"He truly did save and build the community and his reputation is legendary," says Ronald Black, historian and Gaelic editor of The Scotsman.

Father Allan's Christmas hymns:

Laoidh air son Là Nollaig (A Hymn for Christmas Day)
Oidhche Nollaig (Christmas Eve)
Sgeul nam Buachaillean (The Story of the Shepherds)
Laoidh Nollaig: Cliù Dhia sna Flathas (A Christmas Hymn: Glory to God in Heaven)
Laoidh Nollaig: Si Moire tha Truagh (A Christmas Hymn: Wretched is Mary)
Laoidh Nollaig: Biodh an Trianaid ga Moladh (A Christmas Hymn: May the Trinity be Praised)
Laoidh mun Nollaig: A Solis Ortus Cardine (A Christmas Hymn: A Solis Ortus Cardine)

Er wird auch in diesem 'Litir do Luchd-Ionnsachaidh' über Marjorie Kennedy Fraser erwähnt, anns a' Ghàidlig ;) :

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