St Kilda Tag - Latha Hiort 29.08.09 (Alba air fad)

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St Kilda Tag - Latha Hiort 29.08.09 (Alba air fad)

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Air 29 Lùnastal 2009 bidh a' chiad Latha Hiort a' dèanamh comharrachadh air aon de dh'àitean fìor shònraichte an t-saoghail.
Tha Hiort a' laighe 65 cilemeatairean a-muigh sa Chuan Siar, an iar air Innse Gall Alba. Nochd e a-mach à bholcàno mòr o chionn còrr air 50 millean bliadhna agus tha na creagan aige nas àirde na Togalach an Empire State.

Bha daoine a' fuireach air Hiort airson 3,000 bliadhna gus an deach fhalamhachadh ann an 1930 agus tha e a-nis na dhachaigh dha còrr air millean eun. 'S e an aon Làrach Dualchas an t-Saoghail a th' aig UNESCO san RA agus aon de 25 san t-saoghal air fad.

Bidh prògram de thachartasan air feadh Alba a' comharrachadh cuimhneachan-bliadhna fàgail nan 36 Hiortach mu dheireadh ann an 1930. Tha Latha Hiort a' cumail cuimhne air an eilean is air an t-sluagh, air am beatha is an dìleab, ann an ceòl is òrain, facail is ìomhaighean, sgeulachdan is film.

Tha a' chuid mhòr de thachartasan a' gabhail àite air 29 Lùnastal ach sgrùdaibh an làrach-lìn airson tachartasan iomaill sna làithean ro Latha Hiort. Tha na tachartasan fosgailte dha na h-uile agus bu chòir àite a ghleidheadh aig na h-ionadan sam bi iad.

Airson liosta mhionaideach de thachartasan Latha Hiort, le na naidheachdan as ùire, rachaibh gu

Tuilleadh fiosrachaidh ri fhaighinn bho Pròiseact nan Ealan. Fòn 01851 704493 no post-d

and in traslation.....

On 29th August 2009 the first ever St Kilda Day will celebrate one of the world's truly spectacular places.

St Kilda lies 65 kilometres out into the Atlantic to the west of Scotland's Outer Hebrides. It emerged from a huge volcano more than 50 million years ago and its cliffs are taller than the Empire State Building.

St Kilda was inhabited for 3,000 years until its evacuation in 1930 and it is now home to more than a million birds. It is the UK's only dual UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of only 25 worldwide.

This programme of events across Scotland will mark the anniversary of the evacuation of the last 36 St Kildans in 1930. St Kilda Day celebrates the place and the people, their lives and legacy in music and song, words and images, storytelling and film. BBC ALBA will be showing a number of St Kilda related programmes, so watch out for these in the run up to St Kilda Day.

Most events take place on 29th August but check the website for new fringe events in the days running up to St Kilda Day. Events are open to all and bookings should be made through the venues.

For a detailed listing of St Kilda Day events, including up-to-the minute news and updates, go to

More information available is from Proiseact nan Ealan. Phone 01851 704493 or email

Find out more about all events at


* Aig oir na cruinne - At the edge of the world 28th August @ 8pm
St Kilda in words, music & images with Donald S Murray, Calum Ferguson, Catriona Watt, James Graham & Mairi Macleod
Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place
0131 226 5425,

St Kilda Day Launch 29 August @ 12 noon
Songs, stories and craic with Catriona Watt & Calum Ferguson - Invite only
National Trust for Scotland, 28 Charlotte Square 0844 493 2100,

* St Kilda Gaelic Service 30th August @ 12.30
Greyfriars Church, Greyfriars Place
0131 225 1900,

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum
St Kilda exhibition
Cultural Survival Hall displays St Kilda artifacts

St Kilda Letters @ 12noon repeated till 3pm
Iain Macrae & Davy Walker bring 19th century letters from St Kilda to life
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Argyle Street 0141 276 9599,

The Island Tapes with Alyth McCormack and St Kilda Ceilidh @ 8pm
An emotional journey of the senses with songs from Alyth McCormack
Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), 350 Sauchiehall Street Buy tickets online now!
0141 352 4900,

Followed by St Kilda Ceilidh @ 10pm
Sing, dance & celebrate St Kilda, also at The CCA, 0141 352 4900

Eden Court Theatre, Bishops Road
St Kilda Exhibition
Timeless photographic images of the islanders

St Kilda's Film Heritage @ 2pm & 6pm
Evocative footage of past times & live debate

St Kilda Concert @7.45pm
A repsonse to St Kilda's musical heritage
All above at Eden Court Theatre, 01463 234 234,

St Kilda Caught on Camera exhibition
A photographic response to St Kilda by Lorne Gill (during opening times)
Scottish Natural Heritage, Battleby, Redgorton
01738 444 177

* Songs of St Kilda 26 August @8pm
Anne Lorne Gillies & Rhona MacKay tell the St Kildan story through music & pictures
Taynuilt Village Hall 01866822473 Buy tickets online now

Seallam, Northton
Emigration Exhibition
Symbols of Scotland's diaspora

Life on the Edge @ 2pm
Hiort: a Harris Outlier - talk by Bill Lawson
The Guga Hunters - talk by Donald S Murray in homage to the men of Ness

* Nature Songs, Homeland Songs 28 August @8pm
Gillebride MacIllemhaoil, Iain Macdonald
Margaret Stewart & Ingrid Henderson
All above at Seallam
01859 520 258,
Buy tickets online now!

* Songs of St Kilda 31 August @8.30pm
Anne Lorne Gillies & Rhona MacKay tell the St Kildan story through music & pictures
Harris Hotel, Tarbert
01859 502154
Buy tickets online now!

Nature Songs, Homeland Songs @ 7.30pm
Gillebride MacIllemhaoil, Iain MacDonald, Margaret Setwart & Ingrid Henderson
Berneray Community Hall, 07742936801

* Songs of St Kilda 28 August @8pm
Anne Lorne Gillies & Rhona MacKay
Uig Community Hall 01851 672 457 ,
Buy tickets online now

An Lanntair, Faclan Festival
Literature of the Blasket Islands @3pm
Miceal de Mordha, of the Blasket Islands Centre, compares the literature of the islands

*Songs of St Kilda @ 7.30pm
Anne Lorne Gillies & Rhona MacKay
St Kildan Post @ 10pm
Iain Morrison and Daibhidh Martin collobaion of music, song, images and spoken word
All above at An Lanntair, Stornoway
018551 703307
Buy tickets online now!

Aros Centre
St Kilda Exhibition
National Trust for Scotland photographs
* Songs of St Kilda 27 August @ 7.30pm
Anne Lorne Gillies & Rhona MacKay
All above at Aros Centre
01478 613649,

St Kilda Viewpoint unveiling @ 6.30pm
Clettraval Hill 01870 603299

St Kilda Ceilidh @ 7.30pm
An evening of St Kilda song poetry and talk with exhibition
Hosta Hall 01870 603299

*Songs of St Kilda 1 September @ 8pm
Anne Lorne Gillies & Rhona MacKay
Southend Community Hall, Daliburgh
01878 700154
Buy tickets online now!

Find out more about all events at

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Songs of St Kilda

Beitragvon Isbeal » Do Aug 20, 2009 11:26 pm ... ang-EN.htm

29th August – the date upon which St Kilda was evacuated back in 1930 – has been designated Là Hiort / St Kilda Day, a day organised by Proiseact nan Ealan to celebrate this spectacular World Heritage site. As part of the celebrations, two of Scotland’s most distinguished musicians – Gaelic singer and scholar Dr Anne Lorne Gillies and Rhona MacKay (clàrsach) – are about to set off on a week’s tour of the Highlands and Islands, retelling the St Kildan story from earliest recorded times to the evacuation and beyond, through the songs, music and poetry of these “lonely islands where now only the sea-birds sing”.

Anne and Rhona have visited St Kilda many times, performing and lecturing on board the National Trust for Scotland Trust’s annual cruises. “The early St Kildans were noted for their musical skill, and their songs are as beautiful as they are rare,” Anne says. “It’s a privilege to bring them to a wider audience, especially to places with such strong historical connections to the St Kildan people: Argyll, Lewis, Harris and the Uists. “The performance is illustrated by some stunning scenic and historic photographs, but it’s the songs that paint the best picture of all. In them we can hear the voices of the St Kildans themselves, speaking to us across the ages and through all the changes that have taken place in the world.”

Anne has always believed that songs are an enormously useful source of social history and understanding. And because the words are especially important in this concert, Anne provides surtitles throughout: translations of the Gaelic songs and poetry, so that non-Gaelic speakers to enjoy the nuances of every line. “Audiences have told me what a difference this has made to their enjoyment. By the end of the concert we find that many are, quite literally, moved to tears – for all that has been lost and for a people whose way of life they feel they have come to know personally, through sharing their gossip and laughter, pain and sorrow.”

Anne and Rhona will perform the opening concert in Taynuilt Village Hall on Wednesday 26th August, 2009, before travelling on to the Aros Centre, Portree (27th), Uig Community Hall, Lewis (28th), An Lanntair, Stornoway (29th), the Harris Hotel, Tarbert (31st) and Southend Community Hall, Daliburgh, South Uist (1st September).

20 Aug 2009
Robert Livingston
The Life of Meaning

11 Aug 2009
Robert Livingston
Radio On

05 Aug 2009
Pamela Conacher
Stitching Together

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