'Celebrating Simon' 24.10.08 Inbhir Nis - Sim Mackenzie

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'Celebrating Simon' 24.10.08 Inbhir Nis - Sim Mackenzie

Beitragvon Isbeal » Di Okt 21, 2008 11:16 am

Bu toil leam a bhith ann!

''Celebrating Simon" – Simon Mackenzie Memorial Night

On the 24th October 2008, friends, family and colleagues of the late Simon Mackenzie will gather in Eden Court to honour the actor's life and work. An evening of entertainment has been arranged by Pròiseact nan Ealan and Highlands and Islands Theatre Network which will give people a chance not only to remember Simon, but to celebrate his life, which ended so untimely earlier this year.

"Celebrating Simon" is open to all and features an impressive line up including Jenna Cummings, Christine Primrose, Arthur Cormack, Ishbel MacAskill, Alyth MacCormack, Carina Macleod, Davy Walker, Rona Lightfoot and Angus Peter Campbell. But the event is more than just a ceilidh - it marks the beginning of Simon's legacy, the Simon Mackenzie Trust.

Born and bred in Harris, Simon went on to have a successful and varied career as an actor, broadcaster, singer, and playwright. He is known for his theatre work with the Young Vic Theatre Company, 7:84 and Drama na h-Alba and for his television appearances including his role as college principal in the Gaelic soap Machair. In recent years he made his mark as Director of Tosg, the national Gaelic Theatre Company. His final showcase was St Kilda: A European Opera, which he had been involved in for over four years, before the final performances in June 2007.

As an actor, storyteller and MC Simon was legendary, but he will be remembered for more than his own performances. Simon's involvement in, and support for, youth theatre was of huge importance and he spent years touring schools in Scotland and Ireland, and working with young people through Gaelic drama with Tosg, Fèisean nan Gàidheal, and the Mod amongst other projects. In 1989, Simon became Director of Ordag Sgeulbag, the first Gaelic theatre-in-education company, created by Pròiseact nan Ealan. Again with Pròiseact nan Ealan, Simon went on to direct the Gaelic summer school Drama na h-Oigridh, between 1990 and 1997.

The Simon Mackenzie Trust will be set up to honour and continue this work. It will support the artistic ambitions of talented young Gaelic speakers and help develop their confidence and skills. "Celebrating Simon" aims to raise funds for the Simon Mackenzie Trust, and organisers are indebted to artistes who are paying without fee. The evening is able to go ahead with generous financial support from Pròiseact nan Ealan, Bòrd na Gàidhlig, MG ALBA, Comunn na Gàidhlig, An Comunn Gàidhealach, Eaglais Easbuigeach, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, and Highlands and Islands Theatre Network.

Celebrating Simon will take place on 24th October, 7:30pm at Eden Court. Tickets are available from Eden Court Box Office on 01463 234 234 and cost £20 (the cost of the ticket will be donated to the Simon Mackenzie Trust). Any donations can be made to: Simon Mackenzie Trust, Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh Stockbridge, Account number: 00238392, Sort Code: 832002

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Beitragvon WupperGhael » So Dez 07, 2008 1:26 am

Ach, das ist echt Schade! :(

Ich wusste nicht dass er gestorben ist.

Ich habe ihn kennengelernt als ich an Parlaimint na n-Óg an SMO teilnahm. Ich habe auch ein bisschen mit ihm gequatscht (eigentlich haben wir über der Grammatik gesprochen - ob Ihr es glaubt oder nicht :) nämlich die Unterschiede zwischen den Dativ und den Genitiv im Scottisch-Gälisch und im Irisch-Gälisch :) )

Er war ein netter Kerl, go ndéana Dia grásta ar a anam.
Grammatik-und Rechtschreibfehler bitte ich zu entschuldigen; Deutsch ist nicht meine Muttersprache.

Is é "schehmes ag yahoo ponc de" an seoladh ríomphoist agam ach níl mé ag iarraidh é a chur ar an bhfóram go poiblí mar níl mé ag iarraidh slám mór 'spam', srl. a fháil, má thuigeann sibh libh mé. ;)

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