Gaelic Film Festival Cape Breton 3-5 Oct:

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Gaelic Film Festival Cape Breton 3-5 Oct:

Beitragvon Isbeal » Di Sep 09, 2008 3:45 pm

Bu toil leam gu mòr a dhol ann.... duilich, gu bheil Ceap Breatainn cho fada air falbh!
Abair cuspairean, filmichean agus daoine sgoinneil air a' phrògram!


Subject: Gaelic Film Festival

Féis Fhiolmaichean na Reul-iùil

Never before has a film festival focused solely on Gaelic language film;
Never before has a film festival created a modern taigh-ceilidh to join storytelling, poetry, music, and film;
Never before has a film festival gathered the Gaels to build consensus around next steps for Gaelic media and film;
but this year, on the North Shore of Cape Breton, we will do all of these things and we will plant a seed so that many years of Gaelic language film festivals will follow

Dates: October 3-5th, 2008
Location: North Shore Gaelic Singers Hall, North Shore, Cape Breton

Website will be launched shortly - details will be posted as they are confirmed.

Workshops in filmmaking technical skills will be held throughout the weekend. A list of events will be posted on the website.

Confirmed Line-up:

Faire Chaluim MhicLeoid (2006, Filmed in Cape Breton, short film)
Briogais (2007, filmed in Halifax, Viewfinders 48 hour film challenge, short film)
Seachd: The Inaccessible Pinnacle (2006, filmed in Scotland, feature length film, premiere event)
Bob am Bocan (2008, filmed in Sleat, Scotland, short film)
Robo-sgoil (2008, filmed in Plockton, Scotland, short film)
Am Poca Guail (2008, filmed in Portree, Scotland, short film)

We have many other films close to being confirmed but we will not announce them until we conclude the arrangements

Sneak Peak at a few names on our Confirmed Guest List:

Lewis MacKinnion - CEO, Office of Gaelic Affairs, Nova Scotia, (also, a popular Gaelic singer and poet)
Simon Miller - Director of Seachd, Scotland
Mórag Stewart - Associate Producer of Seachd, Scotland (Mórag along handled Gaelic casting, Gaelic script supervisor, ADR supervisor & climbing chaperone for Pàdruig who played the part of Angus)

for more information email or

Tapadh leibh!


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Beitragvon Micheal » Di Sep 09, 2008 4:36 pm

Never before HAHAHA!!!

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