Karen Marshalsay (clarsach) - ceum ùr

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Karen Marshalsay (clarsach) - ceum ùr

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Fhuair Karen Marshalsay, air a bheil cuid dhibh eòlach bhon na cùrsaichean-clarsaich a rinn i ann am Bonn, ceum ùr.

http://www.karenmarshalsay.com/news.asp ... wsid=27244

Karen has just been awarded a Distinction in Trinity's LTCL Diploma (Licentiate of Trinity College London). This is a performance recital exam equivalent to an honours degree recital. All of Karen's exam repertoire was traditional material played in traditional style - the first time this has been achieved. Trinity's Chief Examiner in Music, Keith Beniston, commented that the oramentation was "characteristic and highly imaginative", with a "huge range of often complex rhythms in the accompaniments" and that the "techniques applied were advanced and challenging: even experimental".

An do chuir sin iongnadh oirrn?
Chan do chuir! :twisted:

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